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Cookies Mechanism
For your convenience, uses cookies and similar technologies, among others, to adjust the service to users’ needs and for statistical purposes.
Cookies are small text files that are sent by the website we visit to our device (e.g., computer or phone).
Cookies are also used by websites to which we refer, displaying, for example, multimedia.
Internet browser settings can be changed regarding cookies.
Failure to change these settings means acceptance of the cookies used here.
Services within the domain use performance cookies, which serve to collect information on how the page is used to make it function better, and functional cookies, which allow „remembering” user settings
(e.g., language, font size). This includes, among others:
• cookies – statistics for sites within the domain
• In addition, services within the domain also use:
• cookies to mark that a survey/poll has been filled out (if such surveys/polls are used on the site),
• cookies generated when switching to another version of the CMS service, i.e., the mobile version and the version for the visually impaired (wai, wcag),
• session cookies (expire after closing the session) – used when logging in to the site panel,
• cookies created at the moment of changing the page width (if the sites have this functionality enabled),
• cookies to mark that the privacy policy of the International Education Center sp. z o.o. z/s in Krakow has been accepted.
The level of protection against cookies is set in each browser.
The level of protection against cookies can be set in your internet browser – up to completely blocking cookies. This increases the level of security and data protection but may also prevent some functions, e.g., logging into an email account or using a trusted e-puap profile.
How to change settings in the most popular browsers?
Google Chrome:
You need to click on the menu (in the upper right corner), select Settings > Show advanced settings. In the „Privacy” section, click the Content settings button. In the „Cookies” section, you can change the following cookie settings:

Deleting cookies.
Default blocking of cookies.
Default allowing of cookies.
Default keeping of cookies and site data until you close your browser.
Specifying exceptions for cookies from specific sites or domains.
Internet Explorer 6.0 and 7.0:
From the browser menu (upper right corner): Tools > Internet Options > Privacy, click the Sites button. Use the slider to set the level, confirm the change with the OK button.
Mozilla Firefox
From the browser menu: Tools > Options > Privacy. Activate the Firefox program will: „use custom settings”. The decision about cookies is made by checking – or not – the Accept cookies option.
From the browser menu: Tools > Preferences > Advanced. The decision about cookies is made by checking – or not – the Cookies option.
In the Safari dropdown menu, select Preferences and click the Security icon. Here, you choose the security level in the „Accept cookies” area.
Users who have any questions regarding this privacy statement, practices on this site, or how to maintain contact with it, are asked to send comments to:
By using the services of the company BUDMARK spółka z o.o. in Warsaw in any way, you accept the rules contained in the privacy policy of the portal
In case of a change in the current privacy policy in the portal, appropriate modifications will be made to the above record.

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