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About Kolegium Europejskim

Kolegium Europejskie was established in 2004. From its very first day, it has been a school for ambitious students curious about the world.

Kolegium Europejskie is not just a high school offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) and the Polish matura. It’s a place that provides comprehensive development opportunities for youth. Our students come from various parts of the globe, creating a unique community of young people from Canada, the USA, New Zealand, Korea, Vietnam, Switzerland, the UK, Ukraine, and many other countries. Thanks to this multicultural mosaic, our school is not merely a place of learning but primarily a space for encounters with a diversity of languages, cultures, and educational experiences.

Our graduates are not just diploma recipients; they are young individuals ready to take on the best universities in the world. Our support in the application process to prestigious universities, such as Harvard, Yale, MIT, Cambridge, Oxford, or the best Polish institutions, is invaluable.

Kolegium Europejskie is more than just a school; it’s a place where education is a passion, not merely a duty. At Kolegium Europejskie, we educate citizens of the world!

What distinguishes Kolegium Europejskie

We invite you to the oldest high school in Krakow offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma!

Our school is a place where tradition meets modernity. We have a modern campus that provides the right conditions for learning and development. Located in a convenient location close to the center of Krakow, it facilitates access by public transport – nearby there are tram stops and the Kraków-Zabłocie train station.

Our students have the pleasure of learning under the supervision of a qualified teaching staff that cares about their intellectual and personal development. Education takes place in two languages: Polish and English, which allows our students to gain knowledge in an international environment.

Students of Kolegium Europejskie come from different parts of the world. We are an international and multicultural school. Our school engages in international exchanges and projects that allow our students to expand their horizons and gain experience in different cultures.

Join our high school, where tradition, modernity, and internationality go hand in hand!

Why is it worth starting your education at Kolegium Europejskie?

Ślusarska 9, 30-710 Kraków +48 733 883 121